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  After School Enhanced Training  

Learn To Work In Canada Program

We encourage our students to join our After-School Enhanced Training (ASET) program designed to strengthen their proficiency in English and French.  ASET has been proven to benefit students from a wide variety of language backgrounds.

Ideal for Students Who:

- Lack a clear foundation of English or French

- Need extra supports in English or French

·Two weeks (10 days), 7 hours per day from 8:30am-4:30pm·

Program offers:

·Guidelines & policies about working in Canada·

·Practical English training for working in Canada·

·CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) English training which helps applicants to fulfill the language requirements to apply Canadian Work Permits·

·Operation skills of computer and social media training·

·Etiquette training for working in Canada·

·Business practice skills training for working in Canada·

·On-the-job internship·

·Interview skills training·

·Personalised planning and coaching for future career·

·Jobs referral·