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Key of SCPI (Skin Care Product Innovation)
Service Range
10H PLUS 定制服务

If you own your international brand and custom-made skin care products, you might also have an existing or future sales network.

10H Plus takes care of the following:

●  Brand design and registration

●  Research and development

●  International branding

●  Production

●  Packaging

●  Certification

●  Global marketing

10H Plus will help you to translate your popularity to cash.

(1) Product planning
(2)  Brand strategy
(3)  Market research report
(4)  Product investment planning
(5)  Registration as a Canadian company and obtaining relevant licenses
(6)  Brand design
(7)   Trademark registration
(8)   Product ingredients 
(9)   Patent registration
(10)  Materials sourcing
(11)  Package design
(12)  Accessories design
(13)  Product research and development

(14)  Product testing

(15)  Product sampling

(16)  Product production cost estimation

(17)  Product approval

(18)  Product insurance

(19)  Large amount production

(20)  Exporting from Canada

(21)  Importing to other counties

(22)  Logistics planning

(23)  Marketing planning

(24)  Marketing implementation

(25)  Project financing

(26)  Project listing in the stock market