We are a proud member of
Cosmetics Alliance Canada
We are a member of the
BC Chamber of Commerce
We are certified by
Good Manufacturing Practice
We are a goodwill creditable member of Canada Better Business Bureau
We are a member of
Richmond Chamber of Commerce
We operate out of a world-class, intelligent facility that is specifically built to produce high-quality skin care products.
To assure only the highest quality products are produced,
we are constantly self-auditing our processes to assure everything we do is done to the highest possible standards.

Our research and development team is on a non-stop mission to find the best possible ingredients and suppliers for our products.

Over just 8 years, they’ve setup an expansive network of global suppliers that

provide us with the highest possible quality of raw materials for our skin care products.

Plus, all of our products are naturally-sourced, so you can trust that what you’re using on your skin is healthy for you and your soul.

Our partnerships with pollution-free, organic blueberry farms in BC has allowed us to put in-place unmatched measures of quality control and monitoring.

Every berry that goes in our products is certified organic.

We do this to make sure that every time a customer walks out of our door, we’re confident in the product they have in their hand.

We are a licensed Canadian cosmetic product company that exceeds the highest standards of production.

Our products and manufacturing facility is natural, organic, and cruelty-free,

not because that’s what most cost-effective, but because that’s what is right.