Who We Are

10H PLUS is focused on creating and nurturing harmony and happiness in the world through natural products that can improve you.

We started our company because now, more than ever, health and longevity is equated with beauty,

which is where we feel our product stands naturally poised

for tremendous future growth and an ever-increasing number of

satisfied customers.

For brighter, clearer, smoother skin,

we’re the best option available because our products are sourced naturally and with the earth’s health in-mind.

To best represent who we are and what we do, we’ve selected 10 words that best describe us as a company.

These words vividly reflect our love for the environment, respect for nature,

responsibility to society, care for others, and kindness we display on a daily basis.

Our core company values are represented by the word “PLUS” in our name.
For us, “PLUS” stands for
perfection, loyalty, uniqueness, and smartness,
all characteristics that our products help demonstrate in customers.
10H PLUS is not just a chemical free skin care products manufacturer.
We share the concept of LOVE & CARE.
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